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Aug. 26th, 2004 @ 10:19 pm
guess what, i'm going back to my Xanga. farewell lj. you suck.

my xanga name is celticfog. find it if you want.

much of teh peace.

Hey, Get Bent. Aug. 26th, 2004 @ 08:51 pm
Wow, i don't know why, but the phrase "get bent" just poped into my mind. Now i know a few of you may be thinking "get bent... that's so 1993, jackass." well, if you are one of these people then go to hell and rot.

I've been thinking about genders a lot this week and have come to the conclusion that most of the women i know are stupid. MOST of them. And then i came to the conclusion that most of the guys i know are... borderline stupid. Which is hardly better. But i realize why some individuals see men as the stronger race or dominant race, and why some see females as inferior. It has nothing to do with being a 'pussy' or being like 'oh i broke a nail' because i have never met a woman that couldn't kick my ass if given the need, it's just the fact that most of the ones i know are bitchy as hell and pissy. YOU ARE NOT ON THE SET OF A ROMANTIC COMEDY, THE GUY OBEYS WHEN YOU TELL HIM TO GO THE HELL AWAY, HE DOESN'T KNOW THAT THAT IS CODE FOR 'fuck me i want you.' we don't read minds.

Again, this is just some of the women i've encountered and don't involve myself with any longer. None of you reading this would qualify. Or maybe you think you do, though i doubt you think you do or that you actualy do. Or something. Go watch Adult Swim.

Hey, go get some salmon.

Aug. 25th, 2004 @ 07:24 pm
I've become addicted to Soft Taco Supreams from Taco Bell. They are great.

Today was fun, but kind of confusing and shitty by the end, due to a dentist appointment.

I got a letter from Andy of Bella Morte today. That was cool.

Oh my, how i hate emotions. CONFUSING THINGS OF... CONFUSION.

I don't usualy get headaches this much. I think my body is addicted to amphetamines. For those of you who don't know the chemical term... amphetamines are speed. I needs me speed. And for some reason i don't take it. I don't want to get ammune to it before school starts, because i need it to pay attention. Or rather, to have the energy to pay attention that early in the morning... and afternoon. Woe is me, for i don't wake up until 3 p.m..

Yeah i do, but.. i dunno. I get to be a complete cunt to freshman this year. Alright. Abuse.

I don't really care... Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 09:05 pm
This whole day has been one big nic fix. From when i got home from Casey's till now. WELL HOLY SHIT GODDAMN LIFE IS A THIEVING WHORE. I sleep will make me feel better about this.

I hate suprises.

Westways Home... East isn't quite. Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 03:43 pm
I've got to go pick up my schedual in about 15 but i'll be back by six. If anyone wants to do anything tonight, call and leave a message.

Also, I Shot Andy Warhol is a very good movie. So is The Exorcist (the new one and the old one), though i know a lot of people will be appauled by it. It's worth the six or seven dollars.

Hmm, after casey and i saw that last night we sat outisde this abandonded CVS and he ate hotwings and i had a clove. We looked like bums. Hmm.. good times.
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» Bloody tired
i am very tired in the morning
i went to bed at like 12 and woke up at 11.

i need to watch i shot andy warhol, i keep putting it off.

i would also like to thank the acadamy. for not teaching me how to spell acadamy.
» (No Subject)
Tonight was fun, but i am worried about Casey. Get better soon, friend.
» Black Metal High School (hahah, this pun ruined a song for you)
Last night we drove around with Jon a bit. we= casey and I. Smoking cigars and talking about random shit. Movies and stuff. Then we went to Casey's and played metal. That was fun. I haven't done that in quite a while.

I've been listening to a lot of blind gaurdian lately, and for some reason... something Casey said about collecting nightcrawlers and selling them... i think we may have to start doing that. we really need a bass and maybe a few more cords.. or something. we need a lot of work period. i'm not concerned about how good our equiptment is, i'm just concerned that we HAVE equiptment. Things'll work out. I'll make them work out. As he said better to play shit music on shit instruments, than to be like some of the bands we see and play shit music on expensive equiptment. We're not a shitty as i say we are.. but we definately need some fine tuning. I'm pretty happy with the stuff we have done.

This school year is going to be so stupid. And not to mention all the bullshit politicical disscussion we'll have to sit through. If i hear one more anti bush or anti kerry speech from some mindless thirteen year old i am going to put a bullet in my head.
» Because The Man of The Hour Is Taking His Final Bow
I got my hair cut. kept the bangs long and the rest is about three fingers long and spiked and fucked up really badly. I'm pretty happy with it. Giving the hair i cut to Locks of Love. Strongly encourage you all to give hair to them if you have long hair and decide to cut it.

The Band's getting better. We tried to cover like eight simple songs last night and i kept fucking up.. i mean simple shit like... creep... and like.. uh.. Lake of Fire.. and we finally just said fuck it. Let's just record some shit. So we have like... basicly half an LP on casset now. We covered Opinion by Nirvana and i'm really happy with that. I'm working on a new song called Low. I would post it but it seems to cliche-new punk rock punk band member with an lj and a need for compliments on his shit creativity. Wait Ben.. do you consider yourself a punk rock band? No. Fuck you. I think we're called The Yuppies. Start graffiting it on buildings and carving it into your supple young arms kids. Because we suck, and so do you.

I am a total ass. Hey, i have a website now. www.angelfire.com/creep/kreech89/ go there and tell me how stupid i am for wasting my time in Paint.
» Bernies
Practice.. then Bernies.. Wow. I have come to the conclusion that i am not bi-curious anymore. The answer came to me in a dream. A dream. A dream. A dream. AA meeting tommarrow. I hope i'm not too drunk to drive there. ROFLMFAO!!!
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